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Sometimes dental work may not be covered by your insurance, or it may not be completely covered under your plan. This can force you to make difficult choices and risk your overall health because you do not currently have the funds needed to pay for the remaining balance. 


At Levie Family Dentistry, we never want patients to feel that their treatment options are limited due to finances. For this reason, we accept CareCredit. CareCredit is a credit card designed to help you cover your out-of-pocket costs. The card has special financing options to help you afford the care you or your family need.


 If you have concerns about the cost of a procedure or recommended treatment, speak to our team. For more information about CareCredit, visit, or call us to learn how the partnership between Levie Family Dentistry and CareCredit can make your treatment possible.

For more information about CareCredit:

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